Weeth Prefects visit Residential Homes

Each year at Christmas our Year 6 Prefects like to help spread some joy and Christmas spirit around our local community by visiting several local residential homes to sing Christmas carols.  This is not only a poignant event for the residents but also plays an important role for our children who rehearse and look forward to this each year.

Unfortunately, Christmas 2020 meant that we had to rethink our annual plan and we felt it was even more important to support our local community during these unprecedented times.  Our Prefects got busy designing Christmas tree hanging decorations in the shape of a heart. Some were decorated with drawings and bright colours and others had positive messages written on them.   The plan then expanded to taking these to the residential homes to be covid safe delivered and at the same time our Prefects sang Christmas carols externally with many residents enjoying looking out of their windows waving and singing along with our children.

This made Christmas 2020 a very special memory for both the residents and our children, it brightened so many hearts and brought a variety of happy emotions.

One of the residential homes has since written to our children expressing how much joy and happiness this brought to their residents.