Pasty Day at Portreath

Portreath School believes that it’s important for children to have knowledge of the local culture and history and this is something weaved through their ‘Growing Strong Roots Curriculum’. On 29th January Portreath School celebrated the Cornish pasty.  The day started with a challenge set by Kernow King who sent the school a personalised video.  The children at home and in school bubbles produced a whole array of wonderful work which included alternative pasty designs, pasty stories, poems and raps.   Freddy even sang a pasty song with his ukulele in his class Google Meet and Mila went viral with her pasty rap on Twitter and Facebook!  Kernow King was super impressed with the selection of work that was sent to him, he said, “I love them all! What a fantastically talented bunch! Brilliant poems and raps, great pictures- all just fabulous.”
Dawn, the school’s catering manager created a video of herself making a pasty which inspired many of the children to do the same.  A new mascot also joined the school, who after many children sent in suggestions, was named Crimpy. Crimpy, the enrichment loving pasty, is looking forward to his adventures with Portreath School. He will be joining classes on school trips and at special events.  The day ended with a whole school assembly (via Google Meet) for a quiz on Cornwall.  The quiz was used as a way to demonstrate the way we can improve our memories and the importance of retrieval practice. This links to the school’s current work on metacognition.