Maria Kerslake

Congratulations to Maria Kerslake who has just qualified as a TIS practitioner at Portreath School.  This means that as well as all staff being trained in TIS, the school now has 3 fully qualified practitioners.  She has completed 10 days of training over the last 6 months online.  Then to pass the course she had to give a presentation on her learning and the actions she has taken as a result.   She was inspired to create a new special private place for children to have 1 to 1 sessions in.  She created ‘The Glade’ which children use when they need some space and an opportunity to talk about their worries and concerns. She is having such a positive impact on the children through supporting them with their emotional well-being.  The school prioritises well-being and this has been even more important over the last 18 months due to the impact of Covid.  All children have opportunities to talk about their worries and feelings.  Classes use mindfulness activities and lots of physical activities to support everyone’s well-being. 

Even during lockdown there were live PE sessions that took place, led by Mrs Doble, our sport’s coach, to keep everyone active.  We also had social ‘show and tell’ style sessions online to compliment live online lessons, to help children to feel connected to each other. Stories are often used to explore wellbeing and it has been a focus during assemblies over the last year.  As a result, children are happy at school.  When asked to describe the school in 3 words, the 3 most popular words from parents were: happy, caring and community.  The children’s most popular words were fun, kind and amazing.  The survey reported that only 1% of the children felt they were not happy at school.  The school’s ambition is to ensure 100% of children are happy!