One Hundred and Eleven before Eleven

To encourage children to read for pleasure at Pennoweth, we have created a list (with the help of The Book Trust) of some of the best picture and story books that there are, and we are very keen that all Pennoweth children enjoy reading them as much as we did!

We have challenged the children to read all 111 books before they leave Pennoweth School aged 11 (‘One Hundred and Eleven before Eleven’).

To keep a record of all the books the children have read from the list, each child has received a 111b411 passport. When they have read a book from cover to cover (and hopefully enjoyed it!), they will receive a stamp and can also tick off the books from their master list.

We already have lots of children who have read more than twenty books since we introduced 111b411 at half term, and we know the children are keen to talk about the new authors, genres and illustrators they are meeting along the way!