Crofty Bake Off

On Monday 4th December the first every Crofty Bake Off competition was held across 8 of our schools. Nearly 200 of our students entered the competition. To enter they had to make 4 identical cupcakes, decorate them and bring them into school. 3 finalists from each school then travelled to Roskear School where the winner was chosen by a team of Senior Crofty MAT staff.

The overall winner was Leah from Treloweth who made some lovely Gingerbread House themed cupcakes. Their design and taste thoroughly impressed all of the judges. Leah received a special certificate, Crofty Bake Off apron and a mixing bowl full of ingredients for her next creation. All the finalists also received a Crofty Bake off apron and certificate.

We look forward to holding this event again in the future and seeing what our pupils can create next!

Each school chose their finalists differently. Below are the details on how many entrants each school had and how their finalists were chose

There were about 144 entered. They were judged on how identical they were, how creative, how tasty.They were scored out of 10.

Had nearly 50 entrants. The KS2 teachers chose their finalists and announced it in their celebration assembly to the whole school.

Had around 15 entrants. The Headteacher and Catering Manager chose their winners based on the appearance of their cupbakes.

Had over 30 entrants. The School Councillors chose their finalists based on their appearance and taste.

Had around 50 entrants. Their class teachers chose a winner from each class based on their appearance and taste. The Head teacher then chose the overall school finalists.

Had nearly 120 entrants! Each class selected a winner before the finalists were chosen by the Headteacher and the Deputy Headteacher.

Had around 40 entrants. Each class chose their 3 winners based on their apparance. The school councilors narrowed it down to their school’s finalists based on appearance and taste.

Here is a slideshow of all our finalists cakes:

  • Pencoys Crofty Bake Off