Safer Internet Day 2018

Safer Internet Day 2018 was celebrated globally on Tuesday 6th February 2018 with the slogan “Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you”. We also celebrated it across the schools within the Trust with a wide range of activities for our pupils to take part in.


Here are details of some of the activites that took place across the schools in our Trust:


At Lanner, we performed a wide range of activities. Year 5 created Safer interet day posters to help us remember what we should do while we are online. Years 4,5&6 completed a reading comprehension activity based on an article from The Week Junior. All of KS2 explored the reliability of information on the internet by researching the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus. We couldn’t believe that the whole website ( was completely fake – it looked so real! Year 1 talked about how things we write on the internet can stay there forever.  They thought about kind things they could say and related these thoughts to their class kindness tree.

Safer Internet Day Research Activity


To celebrate the day this year, every class at Pennoweth participated in an online quiz using a website called Kahoot! The quiz helped to promote online safety topics relevant to their age groups. The children absolutely loved exploring the Kahoot quizzes and worked with their peers safely and sensibly.


At Roskear, we took part in a lot of respect themed Safer Internet Day Activities. Our Online Safety Prefects and newly appointed KS2 Digital Leaders presented an assembly to the whole school with the focus of: Create, Connect and Share Respect to start off the week. The Online Safety Prefects read Digiduckk’s BIG Decision to the reception classes and their parents. Several classes took part in the SID Jigsaw Poster competition to make their pledges on how they would make the internet a better place. We also created WANTED posters for the qualities we would like in an online friend. Finally we discussed the dangers of sharing personal information through a game of Minecraft hosted within the school.

SID Minecraft

At Treloweth, we have had a full on week of safer internet activities. Children particularly enjoyed the SID Jigsaw poster competition. We have some amazing entries, with innovative ideas on how to stay safe online. These will be judged after half term and the winners displayed on the whole school computing display. We have been watching videos to raise awareness, creating raps and chants, quizzing and acting out using drama in KS2 and in KS1 we’ve been learning songs and rhymes to help us stay safe as well as creating art work and designing emojis to remind us of the importance. Parents will also be informed on how they can support their children on using the internet.

Safer Internet Day