Training Courses

Across the 2018-2019 academic year we will be offering many training courses to MAT and non-MAT schools. Please click the headings below to find out further details about our offerings:


Following the success of our early Excellence project last year, bespoke training has been brokered, to be provided by NASEN focussed on the development of SEND practice within our schools. This is targeted at SENDCos but headteachers (and other senior leaders) will also be very welcome to the morning session to help the development of a shared understanding.

  • 5th November 2018: Self-evaluation and Ofsted preparation
  • 25th January 2019: Tracking progress, use of intervention, effective TAs
  • 24th May 2019: Working with parents, pupil voice, identifying needs

To cover the costs of an external provider there will be a charge per school of £350 for MAT schools (£500 non MAT schools) for the full 3 day course including lunches.

Aspiring Middle Leaders

Cohort 1

  • 25th September 9am – 3.30pm
    • am Leading change
    • pm Time to complete personal reflection logs and draw together findings from the action research
  • 30th November 9am – 12 noon Presentations

Cohort 2 2019

  • Day 1 8th February 9 – 4pm: Personal qualities and skills for leadership
  • Day 2 1st March 1pm – 4pm: Action research principles
  • Day 3 5th June 1 – 3.30pm The art of delegation and holding others to account, difficult conversations
  • Day 4 25th September 9am – 4pm leadership of change
  • Day 5 29th November 9 – 12 Presentation of final project to group and head teachers

This course will be free to MAT schools or £300 to non MAT schools.

NQT Induction

Each session starts at 12.45 with lunch. At the end of each session there will be a gap task to complete and bring evidence ready for discussion to the next meeting. An NQT lead teacher will work across the MAT to provide each NQT with a coaching session across the year. Each NQT will have an M2 ‘buddy’ from a different school to provide informal support.

  • Friday 5th October: Positive behaviour management strategies and working with parents (1 – 3.30pm)
  • Friday 23rd November: SEND ‘Your responsibilities as a teacher’ (1 – 3.30pm)
  • Friday 11th January:  Assessment for learning (1 – 3.30pm)
  • Wednesday 20th March: TBC needs analysis (1 – 3.30pm)
  • Wednesday 22nd May: TBC needs analysis (1 – 3.30pm)
  • Wednesday 3rd July: Review and celebration

These courses will cost £60 to MAT schools and £150 to non MAT schools.

Teaching Assistants

Regular monthly training for TAs 1.30pm – 3pm at the MAT offices:

  • 28th September:  Questioning (9.30am -11.30am) Jo Stoddern
  • 19th October:  Working as a classroom TA
  • 30th November: RWI/Phonics  with Tressa Rea
  • 14th December: Purposeful Playtimes with Jo Stoddern - (Postponed)
  • 1st February: Fun Fit/Motor Skills/Handwriting with Jo Stoddern
  • 15th February: Computing with Martin Post and Jess Morris Marsham
  • 29th March:  Grammar and Punctuation
  • 26th April : KS 1 maths with Kim Rogers
  • 7th June: Building positive relationships with Sharon Head
  • 5th July: Speech and Language with Alison Webb (SALT) *

Free to MAT schools (£10 per person for non-MAT schools) except the Speech and Language training.

*£25 for all attendees

Senior Leaders

Senior Leaders Training with Dr Gareth Jones

This is a 3 day training programme for senior leaders led by Dr Gareth Jones from Plymouth University. This training is aimed at people who are already in a leadership role (assistant head, SENDCo, department/ faculty lead, core subject leaders etc).

The training focuses on the management and leadership of people, exploring the skills you need to develop as a leader - understanding your impact on others:

Wednesday 10th October

The first session focuses on understanding different styles of leadership, identifying your own 'natural style' and when it might be useful do deploy a different methodology.

Monday 12th November

The second session is focused on coaching and mentoring - understanding the difference and again identifying when it would be most appropriate to use one or the other.

Monday 14th January

The third and final session addresses how to have a 'difficult conversation', equipping our leaders with the confidence and framework to enable them to do this with sensitivity and still secure positive outcomes.

Dr Jones style is lively and engaging, the previous cohort felt that they not only learnt a lot about themselves and their impact as leaders but also greatly enjoyed the training.

To minimise cover costs we are starting each session at 12.45pm for lunch with a 4.30pm finish.

Cost: Crofty MAT schools £75, non MAT schools £150 for the full programme

Coaching for Leaders

With Liz Scott and Stu Newbury

This is a repeat of the coaching course that all MAT leaders completed in 2016-17. The focus of the training is to not only develop your leadership skills and the effectiveness of your interpersonal relationships but also to develop your own personal wellbeing and resilience.

  • Day 1 (9.00 - 3.30) - 26th September
  • Day 2 (9.00 - 12.30) – 15th November
  • Day 3 (9.00 - 12.30) – 16th January
  • Day 4 (9.00 - 12.30) – 27th February
  • Day 5 (9.00 - 12.30) – 3rd April
  • Day 6 (9.00 - 3.30) – 1st May

This will be charged at £500 per MAT Leader and £2050 for non-MAT leaders.


If you would like to book into any of the courses then please fill out the booking form below with the details and we will contact you to confirm your attendance and invoicing.