Dexter Thomas at Treloweth doing amazing things for charity again, currently raised £1,374 👍🏻On Sunday 23rd April, Dexter completed the intoTRI Triathlon sports event. He was entered into the children’s category – Micro Bat Scootathlon which is held at Carn Brea Leisure Centre.

It consisted of a 425m scoot, 425m bike ride and a 360m run.

This year he is raising money for the charity TSA- (Tuberous Sclerosis Association). This charity is very close to us as a family. Dexter is wanting to raise awareness again to support his little 4 year old sister Frankie who was diagnosed with the rare condition at 18months old.

With no government funding, they operate purely from generous donations to tirelessly research in managing symptoms and hoping to one day find a cure.

Tuberous Sclerosis, is a rare genetic disease that causes non-cancerous (benign) tumors to grow in the brain and several areas of the body, including the spinal cord, nerves, eyes, lung, heart, kidneys, and skin.

TSC is a lifelong condition. Currently there is no cure but some symptoms can be treated. The prognosis for individuals with TSC is highly variable and depends on the severity of symptoms. Some people with TSC are able to lead independent, productive lives, while others have symptoms that can affect everyday life and even be life-threatening.

Unfortunately Frankie has many growths in her heart and all over her brain. She has epilepsy which is extremely hard to treat and continues to have seizures daily. Despite this, Frankie is the most resilient, brave and happy little girl!

We are so proud of Dexter and appreciate any support and donations for this amazing charity❤️