Crofty Account Changes

On the 10th / 11th of March all the accounts that were stored on Crofty Trust’s Google Domain have been moved to our new Microsoft system.

This will affect all Governors / Members / Trustees and the staff in the Shared Service Team.

This work is being undertaken as part of the Trust’s long term IT Vision to bring all of our staff and governors into the same system. This will allow us to forge seamless access to resources, simpler communication and colloboration. Our IT Vision Poster explaining the future goals for our Trust’s IT systems can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

Account Changes

During this move process all users will need to activate their new accounts, sign up for 2 Factor Authentication and ensure they can access their emails in Outlook. Instructions and support videos for this process can be found here:


Governors, Trustees and Members will receive their new password from their Clerks. If you have any issues with this password then please contact your Clerk who will be able to reset it for you.

For information on how to access your email accounts on computers and mobile devices please visit the links below: 

Accessing your Email on Windows Devices

Accessing your Email on Apple Devices

Accessing your Email on Andriod devices